Summary-Information(Police, demonstration, Gorleben, Castor,) EJZ 12.11.96, p.5

BI - Citizens' Action Group criticizes Wolff-Gebhardt

Apology for Police Infringement ?

lr Gorleben. The remarks of the president of government in Lüneburg, Ulrike Wolff-Gebhardt, made during a conversation with local pastors, were not well received by the "Citizens' Action Group for Environmental Care" (BI- "Bürgernintiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg"). "For sharpening problem consciousness" the BI will now send a reading to Lüneburg: the documentation of observers from the 'Committee for Fundamental Rights' about the Kokillen transport to Gorleben. This documentation shall help the president to enlighten the "overreactions by policemen".

Wolff-Gebhardt, as reported, had agreed to the principle of proportion concerning police engagement in a nuclear waste transport, though she had said also: "One must recognise too, that each single policeman is brought to breaking point within such an engagement." Now the BI asks, whether the president wants to excuse penally relevant concepts such as "unlawfull detention, bodily harm or damage to property."

BI-chairwoman Birgit Huneke: "Never ever we have heard understanding words of Mrs. Wolff-Gebhardt to 'overreactions' of demonstators. Until today the farmers are waiting for an apology for the wanton destruction of their tractors by the police."