EJZ 2nd Dec. 1996 p.5

Transport of 'Kokillen' in May:

Member of State Parliament Harms has 95 questions to State Government Why "Fire" instead of Water march" ?

gel. Gorleben. The biggest police action in federal republican history during the recent transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste obviously still leaves questions open. For instance 95 questions of the local member of state parliament Rebecca Harms (Green alliance), who now has turned to state parliament of Lower Saxony. After the events in May Harms anyhow considers it to be necessary "weighing up anew before a further transport between the rights granted to the energy supply industry and the basic rights of citizens in this country."

Among other things Harms wants answers to the "Karwitz pocket" on the 4th of May, a few days before the transport. Back then several demonstrators were encircled by police - with which reasons and what legal foundation happened this, asks Rebecca Harms. She also expects an answer to why solicitors present at the arrest collecting point in Neu Tramm were not allowed to speak with their clients for hours inspite of "power of attorney". The member of parliament also wants to know the details of the incident, within which a young woman was beaten up by several officials and had suffered a pelvic displacement.

Harms is especially interested in the topic 'intervention of watercannon'. "Does state parliament consider such interventions with injuring and punishing effects as legal and appropriate?" And the Greens politicians asks further: "How does the state parliament value the fact, that police ordered the interventions of water cannons with the command 'Fire!' instead of 'Water march!' for pushing through the transport on the 8th of May?"

Within further criticism Harms focuses on police action against the tractors of protesting farmers. The member of parliament: Which danger situation had justified that police cut off valves, screwed screws into tires, destroyed ignition cables, sticked over ignition switches and smashed up panes of the tractors with truncheons?

Harms also questions state parliament about the topic of covered and provocative steps by the police - of course with little prospects for answers. Hence Harms asks, how many telefon calls were bugged in 1995 and 1996 within the context of Gorleben protests and how many post controls had taken place. The Green politician actually asks for instance: "Is it right that civil intervention forces kindled a fire on the railtracks near the station Görde and that such forces have loaded their civil cars with stones and had collected those respectively?"

And if they did so, Harms follows, with what purpose?

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