Demonstration in Uelzen

von 24. Okt. 2004

A demonstration is being called for next Saturday, 30 October, 10.30 am on the Hammersteinplatz in Uelzen. After one or two speeches a procession will move through the streets, “hopefully led by a few tractors,” write the organisers. “Bring a good mood even though it might be hard given the occasion” as well as whistles and so forth.

The Castor train is likely to run through Uelzen again, as it did last year.
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A post at informs about Castor camps in the Wendland for people taking part in various actions against the transport.

“At the Bundesstrasse (federal road) 216 the “widerStands-Nest Metzingen” (Metzingen resistance nest) will set up a barn camp – the entire village will become a social place for the resistance.”
“Not quite new, but expandable is our idea of turning the place where we live into a place of resistance together with people from Wendland and beyond.

“Early November is a very uncozy time for our resistance on rail and road. So, many dry places are needed for warming up, resting, eating and drinking, talking and laughing, so as to get out and about again afterwards.

“People from outside are warmly invited to turn up at the information and gathering point in the round-village. This is where our social place will be for information, food and drink, to meet and plan.

”From there you’ll find your sleeping and resting places in Metzingen and other nearby villages. Many barns and houses will again be open for all who come from elsewhere to demonstrate and resist with us. Bring insulation mats, sleeping bags and ideas.

”Local people will also see to it that you will actually arrive where you want to be. We don’t leave our people standing in the rain nor in a police checkpoint.

”Last time many liked the idea of joint resistance by Wendlanders and visitors. The mixture of witty action ideas and practical local knowledge – many of us know the area round the Castor route like our back pockets – has made many want more.

”The experiences in Metzingen and surroundings have shown that we can defend ourselves quite successfully if we poor our resources. They were not able to intimidate us or make us feel small, and many in this area proved courageous, full of good ideas and imagination.

”We succeeded with our actions to make clear our opposition to atomic technology and to disturb the smooth running. Despite a lot of fears, it was also a lot of un and motivate us to work on old and new ideas.”

Joint actions

“Ideas for joint actions are already being kicked around, but there will be plenty of scope for your own ideas and prepared actions. Movement and terrain games in fresh forest air are called for, open to all. Everyone sets their own pace and how far they want to go.

”’We’re working’ is our motto on 7 November and ‘we’re taking control – for a resistance nest at the railway line’ is the motto on transport day.”

Report in soon

“To make the idea of joint resistance against atomic power and police state becomes reality and hopefully fun as well, our wish to you all is to report in as soon as possible and preferably as groups.

”Some already know their hosts. For others early contact might help to reduce fear and insecurity and clarify many things quietly. Run-up actions in Wendland can be used to get to know each other.”

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Tel. und Fax. 05862 985991,,
info telephone from camp build-up on 5 November:
0162 - 886 35 94

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Camp in Hitzacker

There will also be a camp in Hitzacker: , homepage: .

(Translated by Diet Simon)

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