Sit blockade the "mildest means"

vom 26. Okt. 2004 13:45

Fines of 150 euros imposed on two anti-nuclear activists for blocking last year’s Castor train to Gorleben have been halved to 70 euros because in the judge’s view they chose the “mildest means” of protest.

It’s another partial trial success for nuclear opponents in the Amtsgericht court of Hanover, reports the "X-tausendmal quer" group.

Still in court, the activists stated that they would again take part in non-violent blockades of the imminent transport.

One of the issues the court had to clarify was whether the action of the accused posed a danger to safety and order as defined by the Railway Operations Code.

The accused activists, Ulrike Laubenthal and Markus Lauenroth, had wanted the physicist Oda Becker called as an expert witness. She was to prove that the safety and order of rail transportation is endangered by Castor transports, not by blockades like those of "X-tausendmal quer". But the presiding woman judge turned the application down because it was “immaterial” to the outcome of the trial, said nuclear opponents.

"It is quite worrying that a court does not want to hear what danger emanates from a radioactive atomic garbage train and simply believes this is not relevant,” said Lauenroth.

Despite this the judge cut the original fine by more than half, arguing that by doing a non-violent sit blockade the activists had chosen the “mildest means” of protest.

“We’re going to be in the way again,” said Lauenroth.

The trial is one of several in which the Amtsgericht Hanover is examining the legality of fine notices sent to participants in a blockade last November, when about 150 activists linked to the non-violent "X-tausendmal quer" campaign stopped a Castor train near Rohstorf in Lüneburg county by sitting on the track.

There have been extremely varied rulings by Hanover judges on the originally set 150 euros plus costs in more than ten completed trials, after most of the accused appealed.

They include an acquittal, several withdrawals of cases and fines ranging from bagatelles to doublings – always for the same contents.

More trials are listed at Amtsgericht Hanover for 12 and 17 November.

"X-tausendmal quer" is planning civil disobedience actions during the imminent transport on the last stretch by road between Dannenberg and Gorleben.

(Translated by Diet Simon)

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