Castor transport 2004 to Gorleben

von fixer knipser (translation Diet Simon) - 03.11.2004 19:38

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It’s that time of year again: the nuclear state has completed its plans for a new rail and road transport of spent power station fuel to Gorleben, a picturesque village in northern Germany. It will attempt to assert them on 6 November.

For all who have decided (again) to resist arbitrariness, danger, injustice and power-strutting, we’ve put together some information:

Dates in the Wendland up to and including 6 November (Saturday):

Thu., 4.11.
from today
Dannenberg, Essowiese: non-stop vigil (Dauermahnwache)
4 pm
Dannenberg, ESSO-Tankstelle: Set up IDAS meeting ESSO-Wiese

7.30 pm
Hitzacker, ”Lüneburger Hof”: Castor Group Hitzacker

8.00 pm
Leitstade Bahnhof: Info point and non-stop vigil (Dauermahnwache)

8:00 pm
Höhbeck, Schwedenschanze: Castor Group Höhbeck Gartow Gorleben

Fri., 5.11.

Lüchow, from library to police barracks (Polizeikaserne): Demo by school pupils

10:00 am – 4 p.m
Quickborn : “A climbing taste” (Schnupper-Klettern) with Robin Wood
>> Registration wanted: tel 040 380 89 20

2:00 pm
Metzingen im Rundling: Setting up the entire village as a Castor camp

4:00 pm
Lüneburg, Clamartpark: large demo

4:00 pm
Metzingen, Hof Timme: IDAS meeting, setting up the IDAS paddock

6:30 pm
Gorleben at former transformer house: “Gorleben burning”, “fire magic”.

Sat., 6.11.

Dannenberg, Marktplatz: start-up demonstration
>>from Marktplatz
>>5 – 10 tractors joining
>>Demo via Marschtorstraße, Essokreuzung,
>>Raiffeisenstraße to Kreuzung Roadhouse
>>2 pm rally
>>c. 3.30 ends
>>Finale with all tractors.
>>Then farmers take over the direction to Quickborn and Gusborn

1:30 pm
Metzingen (Hof Timme): IDAS meeting with mopeds.

5:00 pm
Dannenberg, at the loading crane (Verladekran): Lantern procession

6:00 - 10:00 pm
Hitzacker, am Gleis : indy-cinema!
>>The Castor is coming, so are we, open air cinema at the railway line
>>Topical information in the camp in Hitzacker (on the Seewiese)

6:30 pm
Metzingen im Rundling: Lantern procession


Metzingen :
Hitzacker :
Meudelfitz (Gut Meudelfitz) :

Information points

Dahlenburg: mobile information point
Meudelfitz (Gut Meudelfitz) : At the camp
Hitzacker : At the camp (Seewiese at the archäologisches Zentrum)
Dannenberg : Essowiese
Gusborn : Infopunkt von Widersetzen
Langendorf : Infopunkt von Widersetzen
Lüchow: Care of prisoners opposite the police barracks in the former
>>"Wohnpark Heuer"
Platenlaase : Café Grenzbereiche quiet place to retreat to
>>to catch breath, warm up
>>open: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.00 am tzo midnight.
>>Hot food, tea and information.

Investigation committee
Tel.:0 58 41-97 94 30
Fax 0 58 41-97 94 40

First aid service of the Citizens Initiative for Environment Protection, Luechow-Dannenberg, Germany (BI)
Tel.:0 58 44-97 11 019
Can be used to call medics to actions and ambulances – these can also be in place before actions! Please turn only to the demo-medics or ambulances with a "Star of Life" instead of the Red Cross – because they will not record personal data.

Important links for the Castor days > always up to date on happenings > direct link to the newest page > several times daily carries pictures of the actions > obvious > independent reportages from the Wendland

(Translated by Diet Simon)

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