Castor: 200 demonstrated in Bad Oeynhausen

Wigatom 24.04.2005 10:20

More than 200 people demonstrated on Saturday 23 April in Bad Oeynhausen against nuclear waste transports from Dresden to Ahaus and for an immediate end to nuclear power production. Nineteen years after the Chernobyl reactor meltdown the demonstrators also remembered the countless victims of the use of atomic energy.

It was a very colourful demonstration ? from black block to green local organisations, ages from 15 to 80. It also went onto Federal Road 61, the only four kilometres on which the Castor caskets can?t be transported on motorways at the end of May. The Castors are to be transported in three convoys between 27 May and 14 June ? unless the police try some tricks.

It became clear at the Bad Oeynhausen demo that there will be action against the Castors ? resistance on and by the route is possible!!! After police had first tried to declare the Federal Road a demonstration-free zone, the demonstration happened totally without problems. Car drivers got an idea of the traffic chaos the Castor convoys could cause. But we expect the transports to happen at night, leaving Dresden in the evening and arriving early the next morning in Ahaus. Bad Oeynhausen is the bottleneck on the ?northern route?.

In speeches by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the new Anti-Nuclear Forum East Westphalia-Lippe, the BI Ahaus, Münster and Osnabrück activists the nuclear policy of the federal government and the North-Rhine Westphalian state government were sharply attacked, for example the expansion of the uranium enrichment plant in Gronau. There was also criticism of the failed waste disposal. Transportation to Ahaus was only to veil the fact that nuclear waste cannot be disposed of.

There was a lot of fun with the giant Mikado game, which also showed on the Federal Road that when the Castors come many people will stand in their way. At the closing rally in front of the office of the Eon power company it was demanded that the large power companies be broken up.

Resistance will continue. On Day X things are sure to get suspenseful in Bad Oeynhausen. On 27 May there will also be a demonstration in Hanover.

Important: There will be Sunday Strolls on 22 May in Dresden and Ahaus. Note the date in your calendar because it is the last opportunity BEFORE the Castors take to the road.

Stop Castor- and uranium transportation!

Shut down nuclear installations!

(Translated by Diet Simon)

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