For and against clowns

vom 14.11.2006

(Translated by Diet Simon)

Comments about activist clowns on IndyMedia Germany 14 November. Pictures at

Michael’s birthday

By beobachterin 14 Nov

The Clownarmy was conspicuous as a refreshingly witty and effective action form. At the starting rally at the dump compound on 11 November they lined up alongside police and aped their body stances. Amused passers-by stopped and asked the police for a smile. In Gleneagles, the G8 venue in Scotland, the clownsarmy action form was also represented already. Making fun of police is the weapon of the little people. Just like by court jesters, the state might is mirrored, opening up new scopes for action.

The clowns were at Harlingen on Sunday shortly before the radiating train was due in the Göhrde forest. One ran up the embankment to the rails and called to the police, “It’s the birthday of one of you today! His name is Michael. Which one of you is it? We’re coming to congratulate!” Two other clowns ran after him and called out to us forest strollers, “They’re so lonely up here, come and help them celebrate!”, and back up again, “So where’s Michael?”

I’m already happily anticipating many clowns next summer at the Baltic Sea (G8 in Heiligendamm).

Hats off to clowns, but stick to needling the cops

By ebenfalls amüsiert 14 Nov

At some point the screeching really got on my nerves. But it was effective. One thing I didn’t think was so good was that the clowns were always trying to involve others in their action form and that was a bit bothersome when you had something else planned and had to resist these advances. So, dear clowns, I doff my hat to you, but next time get on the nerves of only the cops. See you at Heiligendamm.

Distracted other activists

By abgelenkte 14 Nov

All in all I found the clowns quite goods when they kept the cops busy. However, every time I saw the clowns present in the Wendland they kept “us” busy and kept “us” from our work, as if they wanted to do their show and everyone should watch them. If that’s the intention you might as well erect a stage next to the railway track and have a concert on it! Wherever I saw the clowns, people were no longer doing anything and only watched the clowns screeching and doing their thing. Dear clowns, next time please target only the cops and thereby open up spaces for the other people, instead of the other way around.
Some clowns just don’t get it

By keinclown 14 Nov


It appears that some clowns think they have to engage everyone involved with something or other. At the schoolkids’ demo in Lüchow clowns danced around our group several times to get us to laugh, to join in or whatever. They responded to our irritated comments with grimaces and mockery and called us spoilsports. It gets on your nerves! As tactical theatre the clowns are a great idea, but not to entertain demonstrators, push any behaviour on them or anything of that kind.

Not my revolution if I can’t dance…..

14 Nov

Dear people, if you think resistance can’t be fun that’s your thing, but leave the people in peace who don’t think like that. There were moments when I was really happy about little amusements, especially when we sat for nine hours in the cold night in a road blockade and the clowns did their show. I think that takes more guts than we "Stino" (translator doesn’t know the term) had to find. So, hats off to you, clowns, and keep it up.

Amusing and motivating

By lachen 14 Nov

Hay, I found that a super action to marshal such a clownsarmy in front of the muses palace and I have to say it didn’t bother me when they danced around me, in fact it lifted my mood and motivated me to keep going.
Simply delicious

By Amüsierter 14 Nov

I love this form of action. It’s fun to watch. It empowers other forms of action, makes the cops look ridiculous and distracts them. More of it!

Thanks a lot

By holzfäller 14 Nov

Dear clown army, you’re super! Many thanks for your great ideas and actions. Please come again next time!

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