Another Franco-German nuke connection

vom 15.11.2006

(Translated by Diet Simon)

After the (Gorleben) Castor is before the (Gronau) Castor. A French uranium train is headed for, if it has not already reached, Germany’s only uranium enrichment plant at Gronau, near the city of Münster and the Dutch border.

While 16,000 police helped the Gorleben nuclear was transport get to its destination ( a train is carrying UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) to Gronau from Pierrelatte in France. It was spotted leaving Trier and is due in Gronau in the morning.

Uranium transports can be attacked! They are part of the nuclear spiral. They run regularly between an enrichment facility in and Gronau, Germany’s only uranium enrichment plant, planned to be massively enlarged. The nuclear lobby does its business across borders. This trade causes unimaginable dangers.

Well informed sources have provided the following train schedule on the 15th:

  • 11:09-11:42 Perl-Apach
  • 21:34 Gramberg
  • 0:14-5:55 Ham
  • 7:25 Lünen Süd
  • Delivery to (not arrival) to the Urenco company from 2 p.m.

Another report says the train left Trier-Ehrang goods yards at 1.30 p.m. heading north towards Koblenz without re-coupling.

The composition of the train is given at

No police protection has been reported.

Well informed sources expected the train to run through the city of Bonn (Bonn-Beuel) at 8 a.m. The major city of Cologne is about half an hour further down the track.

No quiet hinterland!

datisdochejal asks: Why is one nuclear transport hindered so big and another isn’t even in the media?

Get ideas. Stop the Castor!

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