No. 9

October 22, 2002

Nuclear-Transport - a peacefull  region and barbed wire

During early November, the latest transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste is scheduled to roll into Wendland, a normally peaceful, scenic, rural region of Northern Germany with storybook houses, small farms, and a mighty river, the Elbe. The waste is destined for Germany´s "temporary" storage facility near Gorleben, where it will be left in an unprotected shed until a "final" storage is found, if ever.

Nuclear waste is shipped in a special cask, called a "castor", weighing 120 tons. The castor is an unproven container that has been shown to leak radioactivity. One castor was even deformed by the tremendous pressures (each castor contains more radioactivity than that released at Chernobyl or Hiroshima). Moreover, a shock protection system required by law was recently found to be non-existent -- a slipshod "fix" is to be accomplished by inserting wooden blocks during unloading!

As if this wasn´t enough, the latest transport will consist of TWELVE castors hooked together! This potential death train -- in violation of legal procedures -- will roll through densely populated cities all the way from the northwest French coast -- an easy target for terrorist attacks. In Wendland, the train with its 1,500-ton cargo must cross many crumbling overpass bridges built in the last century and an embankment recently weakened by flood waters. The train tracks reach only to Dannenberg, where each castor must be off-loaded onto special trucks for the final 20-kilometer trip to Gorleben.

As the train nears Wendland, its enraged citizens will be involved in a massive protest demonstration. To counter this "threat", it´s planned that as many as 30,000 heavily armed riot police from all over Germany will crowd into this small county, creating police-state conditions. Civilian movements will be restricted, civil rights violated, and constitutional protections cast aside.

During this deadly transport (lasting about a week) we will try to send out daily e-mails in English reporting the most significant events. If you would like to receive these reports without charge, just send a blank e-mail with the word "subscribe" as the subject, to


(Associated with the
Citizens Initiative for Environmental Protection, Luechow-Dannenberg)


Present Situation

Castor Shipment to Gorleben ...

12 - that's the limit!

Another shipment of CASTOR casks from La Hague to Gorleben will take place most probably in early November - this time even as a package of a complete dozen:

A state of emergency will be established at the Wendland again, just as it was at the November shipment of last year. The Nuclear State as - predicted by Robert Jungk - has become reality.

Respective preparations of the state authorities are under way. Not only the mobile containers for the expected occupying power of 20.000 policemen are being put up, this time even permanent accommodation containers are set up at various locations which have been rented for just this purpose at amounts in the millions for a period of 10 years.


We shall not waive our rights of demonstration!

Even if the police forces are once again trying to hamper and suffocate our constitutionally stipulated rights of demonstration and assembly already from the start. We shall never put up with that!

Problems around the "CASTOR" shipments can definitely not be regarded as just a regional problem as the "Greens" - the police management and people from the Ministries at Berlin want to make us believe. But it is here where it becomes very obvious that the effort is made to warp basic democratic rights by police truncheons in favour of the nuclear industry! State of emergency!

That also refers to permits to ship the CASTOR casks at all. The shipments will be pushed through despite the fact that:

  • the CASTOR casks have been licensed on the basis of completely wrong calculations and are not fracture-proof - as reported and never been disproved in the TV magazine "plusminus" of the ARD;
  • if the CASTOR casks were subject to a possible terrorist attack with a modern tank destroying weapon, an area of 12 km would become uninhabitable;
  • the interim storage facility at Gorleben is not protected against an "organised plane crash", nevertheless the permit for storage of such casks at Gorleben remains valid despite the a.m. facts, whereas licensing procedures for planned interim storage facilities adjacent to the atomic power station are kept pending;
  • the allegedly safe casks are allowed to be lifted up only 25 cm without inserting a wooden support as slipshod "fix" at the interim storage facility at Gorleben (impact speed about 4 km/h) - however, they are transported as a package of 12 casks by rail at high speed.

The future of our democratic republic is at stake and the decisive question - as defined by Martin Kutscha, professor for constitutional law in Berlin - is " the establishment of a State of Emergency and the step by step take-over of elements of a state of emergency into our constitutional state system as well as the integration of such elements into the everyday practice of the police - or a Democratic Civil Society."

But: We shall not submit to a rule out of the right for demonstration!

Protesting against the intrigues of the atomic industry and its followers in government and economy is a legal and legitimate measure! Therefore we invite all people who do not agree to the red-green consensus of a phase-out of nuclear industry which can be considered as an equivalent to a "phase-out of reflecting" to come to the Wendland to defend constitutional and democratic rights! A police force of 20,000 against 50,000 inhabitants in the Wendland? That should never happen again. It is a challenge for everybody!
You should confess:

We too do not submit to a rule out of the right for demonstration!

We shall come to the Wendland! And we will be in the way!

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