What is the meaning of the X ?

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Wherever you go in the Wendland you will come across the symbol X.

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At houses, at trees, at cars, in shop windows, somewhere in the landscape, embroidered on  sweaters, painted on roads and you can find it as an object in visual arts.

It is the symbol of the anti-nuclear movement around Gorleben.

Until the first shipment of Castor casks was sent to the Wendland the campaign had the   heading "We shall be in the way".

The day of the first shipment of the Castor cask was called "Day X".

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Soon after the  second transport "X2" the campaign

"NIX3" started. nix3gelbkl.gif (2627 Byte)

More and more Wendish villages founded new Castor action groups of their own.

X symbols as signs for the unbent resistance were put up everywhere in the county of  Lüchow-Dannenberg.

Thus the X became a symbol of the anti-atomic movement just as the  anti atomic sun

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meanwhile known also far beyond the Wendland.

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