" Tag X/day X= (day of alarm) in Bonn "

Nuclear consensus is nonsense !

Appeal to besiege the nuclear consensus talks

Dear friends,

The following text is partially quoted and translated from a German flyer for a protest action on January 26th in Bonn, Adenauerallee at 9 am against the beginning of the so called consensus talks between the German governemnt and the managers of German nuclear plants and electric energy companies:

 " Tag X/day X= (day of alarm) in Bonn

Nuclear consensus is nonsense !

Appeal to besiege the nuclear consensus talks


The red-green government promises, in its coalition agreement, the phasing out of nuclear energy, to regulate this by law and to finish it irreversibly within this legislative period... also to stop the promotion of nuclear energy companies ... to have security checks and an higher obligatory insurance coverage in case of nuclear accidents...

nuclear waste storage shall be limited to final storage only... until 2030 there will be a search for a central final nuclear waste deposit site. In the meantime the nuclear waste will be stored in interim depots at nuclear plants. Within the next year an agreement with the nuclear industry should be achieved, without any financial compensation by the Government and establishing the remaining period of operation. After finishing the consensus talks there will be a law regulating the phasing out of the use of nuclear power, limiting the period of operation for all nuclear facilities...

How is it possible to come to a consensus with the nuclear industry to finish the use of nuclear power ?... The Social Democrats principally want to avoid a conflict with the powerful enegy concerns. By the strategy of consensus they pretendedly avoid compensation demands of the nuclear industry....

<"We could make a remaining period of operation for 35 or 40 years plausible to our shareholders. Fewer years would mean nothing but destruction of capital" (Wilhelm Simson.VIAG concern/Munich)>

... before the consensus talks started, all top representatives of the nuclear lobby confirmed their interest in ´solving´ the problem of nuclear transports and storage...The new red-green government signals attractive offers for them: Quick permission for new i nuclear interim depots and joint research for a central final nuclear waste deposit. This way, the scandalous nuclear waste transports can be avoided and time will be gained for the unsolved question of how and where to finally deposit all nuclear waste...< "Who wants to phase out fast has to pay more money. Who takes his time, has to pay less" (Hans-Dieter Harig, Managing Direktor of the Preußen-Elektra concern>

At the same time the red-green government takes care to appease the people by the catch- phrase, beginning the ending of nuclear power.

This way, the phasing out of the non profitable reprocessing of nuclear waste... and the closing of some nuclear plants as well as the mere symbolic changes to the old atomic law could be taken into account...only the permission for the operation of research reactors and prototypes of a new generation of Pressurized Water or Boiling Water reactors is important for them (the nuclear energy companies)

<" Only because of politics, no reactor will be closed down in the next four years" (Werner Müller, German Minster of Economy, formerly with VEBA-concern)...

For all 19 operating nuclear plants the rule applies that the operators shouldn´t have any financial disadvantages... That means phasing out of nuclear energy without compensation will be done in 2030, when the last nuclear plant will be closed down and all plants would be scrapped anyway...

The tax-free funds of the nuclear industry, about 55 Milliarden DM (about $33 Billion) aren´t condsidered negotionable...The operators oppose the prohibition of reprocessing because a reduction in the price of waste storage would result in repayment of taxes ... The plan of the German Finance Minister (SPD) to tax the former tax-free funds for the purchase of nuclear fuels is attacked angrily by the nuclear industry.... The first draft of a law which the GREENS proposed, planning to transfer the $ 33 Billions into a foundation and to use it for closing down nuclear plants and the final desposit of the remaining nuclear waste isn´t talked about anymore; neither is a proposal to end nuclear energy by the Hessian Environmental Minister, which envisioned 5 years for the remaining period of operating nuclear plants... Meanwhile leading GREEN politicians consider a phase-out period until 2020 to be an acceptable perspective for the consensus talks..

<" I can´t imagine, that a single German nuclear plant will give up the claim to be compensated by the German Government, even when there a few SPD(Social Democrat Party) Ministers are sitting on the board of directors." Wilfried Steuer, President of the German Atomic Forum>

The idea of ending nuclear energy in consensus with the nuclear industry is obviously absurd.....

  • Stop all nuclear plants !
  • No dirty dealing with the nuclear industry !
  • Stop the use of nuclear energy now, unconditionally! "


So far, the excerpt from the flyer (issued by a national meeting of anti-nuclear groups, the Bundestreffen der Anti-AKW Standortinitiativen))

Public support from abroad for the anti nuclear movement in Germany would be a helpful sign, that we all want first things to be done first: First stop all nuclear plants and facilities, promote sustainable nuclear free energies, and then as a reasonable second step, conduct responsible and believable talks on how to deposit nuclear waste. Anything else will bring nothing but continuing the desatrous nuclear ruining of the planet, because the electric concerns wan´t voluntarily give up their only standard : To make the biggest profit all the time. 

Please,write to

Bundesumweltmister Herrn Jürgen Trittin

Bundesministerium für Umwelt und Reaktorsicherheit

53313 B o n n

GERMANY e-mail : fraktion@gruene-fraktion.de

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