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To President Bill Clinton White House, Washington D.C. USA

Telefax: 001 202 456 2883

Dear Mr. President,

You are the representative of one of the leading industrial nations of the world. Leading should be read as leading in the use ot sustainable energy resources and technologies, which don't endanger life on this planet.

We protest against the plan of the NASA to launch the Cassini Probe with 73 pounds of plutonium on board. We demand, Mr. President, that you should use your Veto, so that the Cassini Probe will not start on Oct.6 or any other day with plutonium on board. The risk isn't small but considerably high. 'l'he safety calculations of the NASA, whether they are based on a low probability of 1:1.000 or even lower probability of 1: l.000 000 for an acccident, are without guarantee. That's what was proved by the accidents of APOLLO 13, APOLLO 204, Spacelab l and the most horrible CHALLENGER ...The TITAN rocket itself has a highly risky balance . From l9 starts 2 exploded on the ground. The trajectory of the Cassini Probe to investigate Saturn needs several flybies of Venus and EARTH to win speed to travel to Saturn.

According to the NASA FEIS a slight malfunction, miscalculation could bring Cassini hack into the atmosphere.That means an uncalculable risk of an accident that is very likely to bring a huge highly radioactive potential into the air that mankind needs to breathe.

There is an alternative to this madness setting the European Space Agency reported already in 1994 that european companies have developed special solar cells for deep space missions" with an effectivity rate of 25%. It needs the understanding and the good intention to develop solar technologies instead of carrying on with nuclear technologies.

We, the undersigned, demand urgently, Mr. President, that you use your veto, so that the Cassini Probe wan't take plutonium an board. We all must protect life on this planet und must not allow, that a few photos and data of Saturn brings nucelear technology into space. The most pressing problem of mankind is the environmental degradation especially through the life style of the industrial nations. Cassini is part of the problem, it is not part of the solution. Any other nuclear deep space missions can't be justifled . We don't need atomic technologies but sustainable ones, which don't endanger life on this planet.


We have made a list to undersign


Fax to President Clinton, White House, Washington,D.C. USA


Telefax: 001 202 456 2883


We, the undersigned, demand that NASA and the American government cancel the Cassini probe, or redesign it so that it does not carry any plutonium. NASA currently plans to launch Cassini with 73 pounds of plutonium on board.The risk of an accident is too great to justify this or any other mission like it.

Wir die Unterzeichneten fordern, daß die NASA und die Amerikanisehe Regierung den Start der Cassini-Sonde verhindern oder die Cassini-Sonde in der Weise technisch umrüsten, daß sie kein Plutonium an Bord hat. Die NASA plant zur Zeit die Cassini-Sonde mit 32,8 kg Plutonium an Bord zu starten. Das Risiko eines Unfalls ist zu groß, um diese oder irgendeine andere Weltraumerkundung dieser Art zu rechtfertigen.

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