Police destroy children's prams during demonstration

Wednesday morning. Langendorf women are looking for their prams. A week beforehand, they had registered a "pram parade" at the Public Affairs Office at the local council. The nappies worn as scarfs, the pictures of their children and grandchildren hung around their necks and their prams are to be used to show that their protest is about a future worth living for their children and children's children. After the Stunkparade (Ructions Parade), where the prams paraded on trailers, they have distributed 20 prams at three locations in the parish. On Tuesday, one day before the Castor transport, adults push the prams in the village onto the street forming a chain. Police cars arrive, police jump out, grab the prams and put them into the police vans. An eyewitness described what happened next:

"On 4 March 1997 I was sitting with two neighbours on our patio when at around 2.30 pm at least four police vans turned off our road onto a forest road, passed an area of forest and stopped at the forest edge. The policemen got out, removed 4 or 5 prams and threw them into the forest. The mattresses were thrown into the trees and some of them became caught in the branches. I whistled loudly to try and prevent more trouble. The police then noticed that they were being watched. They got back into their vans and left the forest edge. As I had a binoculars with me, I was able to read and note down the numbers of three of the vehicles.[...]"

The Langendorf women follow a tip-off and head for the forest. They collect their destroyed prams. They were dumbfounded. One policeman was as well. Using plastic handcuffs, he helped to try to fix one of the prams.


the 11.04.1997

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