Gorleben is Everywhere - Stop of Nuclear Power Plants is possible.

The third Castor shipment - this time in a six-pack, has arrived at the interim storage hall at Gorleben on March 4, 1997. Gigantic police forces have massively cleared the route. More than 10,000 people stood in the way and blocked the transport by being present. The demonstration of power cost the state of the Federal Republic of Germany about. 150 million DM. On the first look it might appear that the resistance of those X-thousand demonstrators was is vain this time, but it certainly was not for nothing.

The nuclear industry had to realise: they simply can't proceed in the usual habit. Prior to the transport it seemed inconceivable to just think about interim storage of the waste right at the nuclear power plants, where as now this possibility has advanced to the subject of discussion and might even be a kind of last escape. However, not hesitating a minute the government is already announcing another shipment for next autumn. Still, this time not to Gorleben - because provincial elections will take place- but to Ahaus. It is anticipated that in this little town in North-Rhine Westphalia protest is not as deeply rooted as in the Wendland. And thus might be easier to break......

" We don`t want to have any of that shit". This is what can be heart everywhere in the Wendland. We do not want to have it here but certainly we also don't want to have it anywhere else. Neither at Ahaus, Morsleben, Greifswald, not in the Southern part of Germany nor somewhere else in Europe or in the world. Thus we must stop the operation of all nuclear power plants! Right now and everywhere!

Kurt-Dieter Grill , spokesman of the environmental resort of the CDU (christian-conservative party) at Bonn, originally coming from the Wendland, has slanderously accused the BI (locale people's movement) that they had encouraged people to form gangs and establish connections. For this he was legally sentenced to pay a fine of DM 300.000 , in case he would every repeat such false statement.

Nevertheless, the idea might not even be that bad. Why not establish connections? Connections against the nuclear lobby at Bonn, the banker's lobby and that of the industry? Let's begin to establish connections between the people's initiatives in the North and the South, in the East and the West! Lets connect our ideas, information, actions and different ways of resistance to a tight network of all anti-nuclear activists in Europe and all over the world. Let`s establish an International Anti-Nuclear Connection!

Bearbeitet am 4.6.1997

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