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vom 08.11.2005

Protest against corridor demo ban

The Gorleben resistance organisation, Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow (BI), notes that under the "general order" just issued by police (see article above) demonstrations will be banned in a corridor 70 kms long and a kilometres broad in connection with the coming waste transport.

That means that even registered demonstrations are forbidden in a corridor 70 kms long and up to one km wide. The demo ban zone has been set for spontaneous demonstrations from 19 to 29 November and for registered assemblies from 21 to 29 November.

The Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow Dannenberg (BI) calls on those responsible in nuclear industry and politics to ban the production of nuclear waste instead of demonstrations.

Its not the Wendland people who are dangerous, its the nuclear power stations and their radioactive leftovers.

In the prognosis of the alleged dangers emanating from registered demonstrations, which fills five newspaper pages, the danger to the population from the immense radiation potential of the Castor caskets is completely ignored.

Only the protests against the dangers created by the nuclear industry and enforced by the police are regarded as dangerous.

Also ignored is the fact that the actions against Castor transports listed in the dangers prognosis never emanated from registered demonstrations but were the actions of individuals or groups.

It is also absurd to list breaches of assembly ban zones of recent years. Without a no-go zone there wouldnt be any breaches.

This is a deliberate artificial criminalisation of critics of nuclear power who wish to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of demonstration and freedom of expression.

The Castor transport is also a threat to the basic right to physical integrity and information self-determination.

Logically, any breaches of the assembly ban can only be caused by police themselves declaring an assembly ban.

One of the few comprehensible sentences in the general order is the quotation ascribed to the BI: Every Castor casket that gets into the interim storage hall in Gorleben in the view of the Bürgerinitiative cements Gorleben as the location of a nuclear disposal centre.

The only thing that needs to be added here is that it has been known since the 1980s that the final repository planned for Gorleben cannot prevent radioactive materials escaping into the biosphere.

It has furthermore been correctly recognised that the resistance against the Gorleben plans is colourful, imaginative and multi-faceted.

But this actually empathetic description is certainly no reason to have thousands of nuclear opponents seized a held by a five-digit force of police and not even to shrink from locking-in entire Wendland villages, as happened in recent years.

The BI has filed complaints against assembly bans of recent years with the Federral Constitutional Court.

Francis Althoff phone #49 (0) 5843 986789

The complete general order can be read at

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