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vom 16.11.2005

Hot Gorleben weekend ahead

Nuclear opponents in the Gorleben area say they’ve prepared widely varying, fanciful and colourful actions to resist a renewed delivery of highly radioactive nuclear waste to a light-construction hall near the north German village.

The Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow Dannenberg (BI) says the 12 Castor caskets are to roll out of the French train loading station in Valognes, northern France, on Saturday (19.11.) at around 5:20 p.m. and cross the Franco-German border near Lauterbourg at 11.50 a.m. on Sunday (20.11.). The BI calculates that that could see the train en route to the Gorleben region (Wendland) in Lüneburg at about midnight.

“There will be creative protests in the Wendland at the weekend against cementing Gorleben as the location for a final repository through the Castor transports,” said a BI spokesman.

School children have called a demonstration on Thursday (17.11.) at 11.30 a.m. in Dannenberg. From 7 p.m. an “Historic Agricultural Machinery” show will be on at the B216 road near Metzingen. From Thursday a mobile cinema from Platenlaase will be moving about the Wendland.

At 9.30 a.m. Friday school children will demonstrate at the library in Lüchow and the day ends with a daily vigil from 6 p.m. on the Dannenberg marketplace.

On Saturday, from 1 p.m., a rally will be held at the place in Dannenberg where the waste caskets are lifted by crane from train cars to low-loader trucks. A procession will move through the town.

A resistance camp has already been set up in Hitzacker. At 6 p.m. a lantern procession will start in Metzingen on the B216 road and at 10 p.m. a “total dance night” is available to those needing warming up in the “Cafe Grenzbereiche” in Platenlaase.

The Sunday (20.11.) begins with “November impressions” at a “bull chase on horseback” (bull=cop) at Gut Tollendorf. At 10:30 the third “Rallye Monte Göhrde” starts, simultaneously with a “Bicycle tour against nuclear insanity” from the Dannenberg reloading crane to the Gorleben exploratory salt mine.

From 11 a.m. the “grey cells” sit down at their usual place near the crane. Simultaneously a “horse procession in honour of St. Leonhard” sets out from the church in Langendorf.

Also at 11 the Wendland resistance group “WiderSetzen” will start building up its vigil place in Gorleben.

From 2 p.m. the tractors of the farmers emergency movement will start to roll into Klein Gusborn, where a rally will begin with the motto “we’ll shake their consciences”.

For many nuclear opponents the Monday is a day for hiking between Leitstade, Harlingen and Hitzacker. The aim is to weave a resistance network.

The culture programme of “WiderSetzen” will offer various dancing opportunities in Gorleben.

An hour after the train has arrived at the reloading crane, a demonstration has been registered near Quickborn.

At 6 p.m. the “Discussion Circle Against Castor Transports will meet at the crane.

From 10 p.m. the bands “Alabastardz” and “Sprengsatz” will perform punk rock near the storage site along the road to Gedelitz.

The Tuesday (22.11.) will begin at 4.30 a.m. with an ecumenical religious service at the storage compound.

A vigil has been registered from 5 a.m. at the Salinas building.

The BI notes that according to this year’s schedule, which is earlier than last year’s, the trucks could already set out from Dannenberg to Gorleben on Monday evening.

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