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vom 22.11.2005

Discussing the right issue at last

Berlin politicians discussing the real issue at last: no final storage for nuclear waste. - Commentary

"Ten years after the first Castors were transported into the Wendland, all the politicians in Berlin are now discussing with each other, while the Castor is rolling, not about an interim storage, but about the real issue: the non-existent final repository for nuclear waste radioactive for thousands of years. That is a success of the untiring work of the Civic Action Group, the protest in the Wendland and the entire anti-nuclear movement. That is what we have fought for for more than two decades, and we will fight for the talking in Berlin over the right issue to be finally followed by the appropriate action.

Only a few days ago the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS)

ascertained in a comprehensive study that if salt is to be used as a final storage medium at all, there has to be a mighty overburden cover to seal it off to the top. It's precisely this solid overburden that Gorleben does not have. And that's been clear since the first examinations of the location in 1982. For any responsible government that doesn't let itself be led around on a restraining leash by E.ON and Co. That has to mean that Gorleben is dead as a nuclear storage place.

In contrast to the police behaviour, the protest of the people here is no unfair "ever faster, ever higher, ever further" athletic contest. With our protest in below-freezing temperatures we want to get the politicians in their warm armchairs in Berlin to finally start working on a political solution for the unsolved problem of nuclear waste: 1. Abandonment of Gorleben as a location, 2. no further production of waste radioactive for millennia.

Frau Merkel, from today you bear responsibility not just for the next four years, but in the nuclear waste question for one million years."

BI-Presseteam: 22.11.2005(0171) 545 46 84 Francis Althoff: (0170) 939 46 84

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