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Transport regulations were definitely broken

By Helmut Loelhoeffel

Bonn - On Wednesday the atomic energy industry is due   to discuss with the environment ministry the most  recent nuclear safety incident that occured during the transport of radioactive material.

The "Frankfurter Rundschau" learnt in Bonn on Monday that the ministry expects "specific improvements" and  explanations "why the ministry was kept in the dark  about the matter".

In addition to this it is currently investigating the meaning of the word "exterieur". The word is included  in an official French report and suggests
contamination on the outer surfaces of the nuclear  transport vessels.

"We have reason to believe," said one expert, "that there was contamination outside the vessel cover." If  this was the case, it is clear that the German atomic  industry was operating carelessly.
Nuclear shipments from German nuclear power stations to La Hague in France remain on hold until an investigation from an independent technical authority
on nuclear safety has been completed.

The report is expected in Bonn at the end of May. The course of events will be evaluated in the  invetigation "to avoid a repeat of the incident", as it was put by the ministry of the environment.

After this the loading techniques of the German power station operators and for other nuclear reprocessing plants such as Sellafield must be revised. According to the latest information it is "definite" that there was a "breach of the current regulations".

On the one hand the leak caused no extra radiation and no immediate danger. On Tuesday, federal and  state government experts are consulting an expert
committee on "fuel cycles" about the high radiation values in German atomic transport waggons.

According to French measurements the railway waggons were emitting radiation at 3,000 times the allowed  limit.

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