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Day X newswire (in German) with the latest on the CASTOR-NIX-DA anti-nuclear waste transportation campaign



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In European-Time!

Thank you for all your help in the Wendland and in the whole world.

See you again the next time!


TUE 10:31 am Laase

A pity that every CASTOR event has to end with unrestrained orgies of police violence.

TUE 10:30 am Laase

As in previous years, police near Laase are again senselessly bashing people.

TUE 10:28 am Laase, Wendland BREAKING NEWS!

Police used pepper spray on climbers in a tree, who crashed down and are gravely injured.

TUE 10:26 am Laase

Near Laase police used pepper spray on people even though the CASTORS had already passed, there are injured people.

TUE 10:13 am castorticker

In the coming days we’ll archivally process the ticker news of the past few days. For now, off to some needed sleep.

TUE 10:15

We thank you for this grandiose protest and of course are still happy to receive donations. Until the next CASTORS! — The Ticker.

TUE 10:10 am Castorticker

We’re ending the reporting after putting through 127 GB and about 80 million page downloads.

TUE 10:10 Wendland

The new travel record is 3 days, 19 hours, 24 minutes. The next mark to crack is 100 hours.

TUE 10:01 am Internet

The propaganda page of the nuclear mafia, appears to have been hacked and defaced.

"Kernenergie — So sicher wie diese Webseite" (“nuclear energy – as safe as this website“) can be read at

TUE 10:00 am Trebel

In an hour the news conference of the Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg will start in Trebel.

TUE 9:48 am Gorleben

The CASTORS reach the interim storage hall south of Gorleben.

TUE 9:50 am Gorleben

The CASTORS reach the village of Gorleben.

TUE 9:35 am Laase

The CASTORS have passed though Laase.

TUE 9:32 am Laase

In Laase there is the traditional amassing of police.

TUE 9:27 am Grippel

The CASTORS are in Grippel.

TUE 9:25 am Nordstrecke

The Greenpeace paraglider has taken a geostationary orbit above the CASTOR convoy.

TUE 9:20 am Langendorf

The CASTORS are through Langendorf.

TUE 9:18 am Laase

Between Laase and Gorleben about 50 people are surrounded by police off the road.

TUE 9:15 am Laase

In Laase there are 500 people near the transport route.

TUE 9:03 am Quickborn

The CASTORS are moving slowly, the last one has passed the church in Quickborn.


TUE 9:00 am Quickborn

The CASTOR convoy is in Quickborn.

TUE 8:55 am Grippel

According to the radio: A UFO was sighted in Grippel, a kind of paraglider with a "Stop Castor" banner. The police helicopter pursues it.

TUE 8:50 am Laase, Wendland

The way from Siemen to Laase is still open, in case anyone wants to get to the cultural events in the Palace of Muses (Musenpalast).

TUE 8:43 am Dannenberg

The last CASTOR has left the cross-loading compound.

TUE 8:42 am Laase

Police burn straw bales near Laase, not known why.

TUE 8:40 am Dannenberg

The first CASTOR truck has departed from the cross-loading compound.

TUE 8:37 am Dannenberg BREAKING NEWS!

The trucks with the CASTOR caskets are starting to move. Substitute trucks and police are turning into the noprthern route +++ Contrary to speculation, the CASTOR trucks are using the northern route (Nordstrecke).

TUE 8:30 am Dannenberg BREAKING NEWS!

The gate to the loading crane is open.

TUE 8:17 am Südstrecke

Police are preparing on the (Südstrecke) southern route for the CASTOR transport.

TUE 8:07 am Dannenberg

The Greenpeace truck was pulled off the road and no longer blocks the northern route (Nordstrecke).

TUE 8:02 am Dannenberg

The Greenpeace truck pushed aside blocks the northern route (Nordstrecke), which suggests that the CASTORS will roll on the southern route (Südstrecke).

TUE 7:55 am Dannenberg

The drivers of the CASTOR trucks are back in the loading crane compound, police on the route put their vehicles aside.

TUE 7:50 am Gorleben

The second Robin Wood climbing activist is also back on the ground, police are taking down his gear.

TUE 07:47 am Gorleben

Greenpeace climbers hanging with banner off the transport route and are not removed.

TUE 7:37 am Gorleben

Police have caught the first Robin Wood climber.

TUE 7:30 am Gorleben

Police use a lifting cart to catch the female Robin Wood climbers.

TUE 7:26 am Gorleben

The Gorleben blockade has been completely dispersed. The female Robin Wood climbers are still hanging

TUE 7:26 am Dannenberg

Police are moving the Greenpeace beer truck from the crossing with a Unimog (four wheel drive medium truck).

TUE 7:22 am Dannenberg

The special police unit “Technical Measures High and Low” starts to
remove the Robin Wood climbers.

TUE 7:20 am Gorleben

Postscript: In the climber blockade the police first tried in breakneck manner to reach the climbers from the roof of a truck.

TUE 7:20 am Dannenberg

Police try to lift the Greenpeace truck, the press are sent away.

TUE 7:18 am Gorleben

A police climber unit has arrived at the aerial Robin Wood blockade and
prepares to remove the protest climbers.

TUE 7:15 am Gorleben

Police have moved people out of the Gorleben blockade and are 100 metres from those remaining.

TUE 7:06 am Wendland

Sunrise, 2°C warm and windless.

TUE 7:04 am Dannenberg

Police have brought up a removal vehicle to shift the truck

TUE 6:57 am Gorleben

Police increase the speed of their dispersal of people from the Gorleben  blockade, using unnecessarily painful grips.

TUE 6:56 am Dannenberg

The Greenpeace beer Trojan puts up determined resistance even without  concreted-in female activists and is still standing on its spot.

TUE 6:54 am Quickborn

For meanwhile four hours Quickborn has been under a curfew.

TUE 6:51 am Gorleben

Police move in from all sides to remove people from the Gorleben
blockade, a lot rougher than up to now.

TUE 6:45 am Gorleben

Police getting rougher when removing people from the Gorleben road squat.

TUE 6:41 am Gorleben

Police have started removing people from the other end of the squat as well.

TUE 6:28 am Wendland

In contrast to yesterday, police are behaving civilised today.

TUE 6:25 am Dannenberg

The last not chained-on Greenpeace person is out of the truck, police now have to find out how to move the truck away.

TUE 6:13 am Dannenberg

Second Greenpeace activist taken out of the concrete.

TUE 6:00 am Dannenberg

The first chained-on Greenpeace activist separated from the concrete.

TUE 5:42 am Airwaves

The long duration of the consignment has caused Radio Freies Wendland  to use up all of its allotted airtime on Radio Zusa. But they continue to  broadcast on the Internet.

TUE 5:39 am Dannenberg

Police disperse the party at the rear exit of the loading crane

TUE 5:27 am Gorleben

Police have removed only a quarter of the people in the squat blockade outside the CASTOR hall.

TUE 5:14 am Gorleben

Police still puzzled by the Greenpeace truck and have thrown out two  people who were not chained on.

TUE 5:10 am Dannenberg

The Gorleben dispersal is happening in slow motion, but those carried away are no longer coming back into the blockad

TUE 4:56 am Gorleben

Police are now guarding the climbing tress of Robin Wood, but the climbers are still hanging cozily in mid-air.

TUE 4:50 am Dannenberg

Police try using a jack to move the Greenpeace truck to open enough room  for the CASTORS to pass.

TUE 4:48 am Quickborn

Atomkraft Wegbassen is quite again, but those in search of culture  continue to be welcome in the Musenpalast in Laase.

TUE 4:32 am Dannenberg

Police have freed the hands of the chained Greenpeace people , but the rest of their bodies is still firmly attached.

TUE 4:31 am Dannenberg

Police take another measurement to see whether the CASTORS won’t fit past the Greenpeace truck after all.

TUE 4:26 am Gorleben

There is a walkway with two ropes and two banners in the Robin Wood action.

TUE 4:12 am Gorleben

People removed from the Gorleben squat can still go back in to sit at another spot.

TUE 4:11 am Dannenberg

Police are still trying to solve the puzzle of the Greenpeace truck +++ They can’t figure out how it’s been fastened to the road.

TUE 4:05 am Gorleben BREAKING NEWS!

Two Robin Wood rope walkways from the street to the CASTOR storage hall, 4 climbers hanging over the street.

TUE 3:51 am Gorleben

The Robin Wood climbers in the trees between CASTOR storage hall and Gorleben have strung a rope over the street.

TUE 3:45 am Gorleben

People carried by police from the blockade sit down again elsewhere

TUE 3:23 am Gorleben

Police began dispersing the squat blockade of the CASTOR storage hall.

TUE 3:22 am Gorleben

Police announced they will start dispersing the squat blockade of the CASTOR storage hall.

TUE 3:05 am Dannenberg

There is a spontaneous party near the loading crane with Samba and catering.

TUE 2:56 am Gorleben

Police ultimately succeeded to remove the farmer concrete pyramid from the street.

TUE 2:50 am Gorleben

Police have managed to get reinforcements through to the sleeping blockade outside the CASTOR storage hall.

TUE 2:50 am  Gorleben

The farmer concrete pyramid is stowed on a lifting-cart, which cannot drive around curves, making the removal very difficult.

TUE 2:31 am Dannenberg

Police fail technically to remove the Greenpeace truck and now try the psychological approach with conflict managers.

TUE 2:25 am Gorleben

Police are still working on the farmer concrete pyramid in Gorleben.

Climbing action by the greenpeace aktivists  - 8 November 2010 (pictures)

TUE 02:10 Gorleben

Because police can’t get enough manpower into Gorleben, no squat dispersal has begun there yet.

TUE 01:54 Quickborn

There are still loud basses and dancing people on the street in Quickborn.

TUE 01:51 Dannenberg

There is nothing to suggest that the CASTOR trucking is about to begin. The drivers are taking a break.

TUE 01:45 Laase

The Palace of Muses in Laase is quite full of happy people but there’s still room for more.

TUE 01:44 Wendland

TheCASTORS have been on the move for 5,000 minutes, or about 83 hours.

TUE 01:27 Dannenberg

From 30 to 50 people are squatting on Breeser Weg at the loading crane. They’d like some pleasant company.

TUE 01:03 Groß Gusborn

The vigil in Gross Gusborn ends after eight and a half hours.

TUE 00:57 Dannenberg

At the main entrance of the CASTOR storage hall, tree-climbers were observed.

TUE 00:36 Dannenberg

There’s a concert at the main entrance to the loading crane compound.

TUE 00:30 Dannenberg

Police try out new technology in their second attempt to remove  the Greenpeace truck.

TUE 00:15 Gorleben

The situation at the concrete pyramid blockade is relaxed, police found out that experts must come for the removal.
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